Shirley 4

This is the last post about the new work made in the late winter of 2023. It follows three others, the most recent is: Shirley 3

Looking at this one now, the photograph big on its sheer description of this family business makes me think of an earlier time, perhaps when these tanks and this yard were new. It's easy to build a story around a now older head of the family who started in the heating oil delivery business and it carrying down to his sons and possibly daughters. 

And the last in the series:

A study in "cobbled together", a variety of needs addressed as required over the years. For me, this is about as good as it could get. Many pictures within the overall, details revealed on looking closely. This is the house just to the right of the fuel tanks and clearly home to the family.

The full series is on the site: here.

That closes out my description of the Shirley series. Thank you for coming along.

A note about the blog itself. I've been writing the blog now for over ten years. It has mostly been a labor of love and I have no regrets. It has helped my career in no small way, by serving as a reference and a catalog of much of my work over the years. And, I like to believe it has helped you in your efforts to learn and practice photography. While at times very active with more than one or two posts a week, in more recent years I have written far less. At times, to be truthful, it has felt that perhaps it has run its course. I need to ask for your help here, as subscribers you are my core group. If you would like the blog to carry on, I  need to hear from you.

Just a quick "yes or no" will let me know if you value it. Thank you.

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