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I spent three days last week photographing in Washington, DC at the Museum of Health and Medicine. I spent the first morning  photographing many of the specimens on display. The staff helped unlock the glass doors so I didn't have to photograph dealing with reflections. I am in huge debt to Brian, Caitlin and Amy, employees at the Museum, for all their help and assistance while I was there.

There are some really amazing things there. I spent a few hours photographing specimens and items on public display.

It takes about a day to drive from Boston to Washington. I like to drive but this has got to be one of the worst drives devised by man. Traffic getting out of Boston, traffic in Hartford, traffic approaching NY, traffic getting through NY, to say nothing about the NJ Turnpike. Trucks are what moves America these days and trucks are like highway trains moving massive amounts of goods. I don't need to tell you but for it to take over an hour to drive the 12 miles from my hotel to the Museum seems a little twisted. Just saying.

Day 2 is coming up in the next post as things get a little harder to deal with.

Seems ironic this artist is ranting about bad driving conditions when these people, yes people, are frozen in time, immortalized in their formalin containers, preserved for study and seldom seeing the light of day, as most are hidden back in the Museums' storage area. Most of these never breathed a breath of fresh air, never walked along a beach, never knew a cool glass of water, flew over mountains or watched a child take her first steps.

Heads up: Many of my earlier works from the Mutter Museum and Reggio Emilia, Italy will be on view at the next 555 Gallery show called "Devil's Promenade" with works by Antone Dolezal and Lara Shipley. The show runs from October 10-November 8. For more information go to: 555 Gallery The opening reception isSaturday evening, October 11th. See you there.

Next up?  

Day 2 at NMHM. It gets a little harder.

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