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Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA 2005

In 2004, after hearing an interview with the musuem's curator, Gretchen Worden, by Terry Gross from the NPR program Fresh Air, I called the Museum to ask if I could photograph. She said that I could and a few days later I was in Philadelphia and began a new phase in my career.

The Mutter Museum is a forensics study museum specializing in specimens of abnormalities and deformities.

My photogrpahs were made with the Museum's permission.

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Face back section rtp
Face front rtp lightened fnl
Five guys rtp
Hands rtp
Head 1 real rtp
Headeye rtp
Head statue rtp
Heart rtp
Intestine rtp
Little skeleton rtp
Pissed kid big rtp
Sectioned head rtp
Skull 1 rtp
Smallpox hand rtp
Two kids rtp
Vertical kid rtp 2024