White Sands, NM 1979

Welcome to my blog! 

Since so many of you signed up at the Allston Open Studios earlier this month I thought I would say hello and acquaint you a little with the blog. You are now subscribed and will get an email each time I post a new one. You can unsubscribe from this any time you want and I never share or sell email addresses, period.

Topics are primarily my own work, but the blog also serves as a vehicle for announcements of talks I give, shows my work is in and, occasionally, interviews of other artists.

Since I've been writing frequently for over 4 years there are a lot of posts. The blog is searchable and this can be helpful for finding things that interest you. Type in "Southwest," for example, and all sorts of  posts that relate to the South west will come up. 

Finally, there are many posts that serve as an analysis or guide through specific works of mine, usually as series or as a narrative group of pictures.  These usually go "Oakesdale Cemetery, Oakesedale Cemetery 2, Oakesdale Cemetery 3" and so on. These too are searchable.

As always I am happy to respond to your questions. My email is: nrantoul@comcast.net

Santa Fe, NM 1979

Topics: Commentary

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