New Book Soon

We are working on a new book. Most likely it will be called Paradise and it will be a monograph of my photographs from the town of Paradise, California made after the 2018 wildfires. 

I made two trips to Paradise in 2019 to photograph.

The design is by the incredible Andrea Greitzer, which, if you've followed the blog for a while, you know is the designer for so many of my books.

I am writing the intro and I am in negotiation with a journalist to write the foreword. She has been writing about the phenomena of wildfires throughout the state of California for the past several years.

The book will be unusual as it is this career artist's photographic response and interpretation to the tragedy of a whole town decimated by fire.  Our world is   changing, shifting and transforming into a different place than we grew up in. Climate change is causing longer lasting and more severe droughts, severe floods and huge winds fanning flames into walls of fire; all these are making parts of California, as well as Australia and other locations, dangerous places to live and a forecaster of more wide spread damage to come. 

The book will be another print-on-demand book and will be published in an extremely limited first edition, i.e. 100 copies. It won't be large and it won't be expensive as we are using this first run as a dummy to show to publishers for wider distribution.

Want one? Contact us and we will put you on our list. This will be an Insight Arts Management(IAM) book. You can sign up here( IAM Email) to be on our notify list. We plan on publishing by late spring/early summer 2020.

Final Reminder and coming up this weekend:

As always, thank you for reading the blog.

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