Wheat Aerials 2014

After a one hour flight in this:

with its doors off:

where I was harnessed and tethered, I headed back to the motel in mid day heat to work the files, of which there were 437.

Here are a few from today's shoot in the Palouse in eastern Washington:

The yellow is Canola.

Chalking those up to being nice but a little insignificant? Think they don't hold up that well on your iPhone screen? Well, this is a crop of the barn in the lower right from a print size of 30 inches (at 245 pixels per inch):

meaning that these will be amazing. Can't wait to see them as prints.  One of the all time best aerial shoots ever for me. Calm air, wonderful clarity, temp in the mid 60's, doors off the plane, no wing strut in the way. The 206 Cessna I used cost a little more but was really worth it. 

Part of what's so wonderful about being a photographer is the opportunity it affords you to do things that are different than what most people do. You know I am all about the pictures, the results I get, but there is also the ability to have such wonderful experiences too. 

This as I took a break from pointing down at 1000 feet above the Palouse:

When I get home and begin to work the files I will post Wheat 2014 on the site.

Want to know more about photographing aerially?

Go here:

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Thanks for reading this blog! I hope you enjoy it.

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