Way way back in early October-yes, it does seem like a long time ago-I made another aerial run at Martha's Vineyard. If you keep your mind on the business at hand you can really cover the whole island in about an hour. Because it is $250 for each hour.The island is 25 miles long and from about a 1000 feet up it's easy. The morning was perfect; still and sunny. I flew with Mike again of Classic Aviators, taking off from the grass strip at Katama. Job number one was a place called Tom's Neck in Chappaquidick. I wrote about these pictures here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

On the way back down the south side of the island from Aquinnah I was able to work at the "Waves" idea. The idea is simple enough: to aerially photograph the breaking waves from the ocean side, not the land side. Land side picture of waves are the norm. I try to approach common stuff in uncommon ways. Atypical verses typical, exceptional verses standard, innovative verses commonplace. That's what you try to do, right? The world out there presents you with an infinite number of possibilities. Our job is to see the inherent choices implicit in this.

Now, admittedly, these aren't going to look like much as a 1 inch display on your iPhone but as a 22 inch print they are freaking gorgeous. Hey, false modesty is as unbecoming as bravado. I'm just saying....

Key point: I was thinking as I was working on these that the way I am making aerials now is really different than in earlier times when I was new to aerial photography. When I started out, everything was wonderful from the air, and it is, of course. But now I am working to position the plane from the vantage point I want. Photography like this is best when specific and intentional, rather than made with a broad perspective and generic. Actually, if you think about it, that's true of most pictures you make.

So, I already said these are gorgeous. Give yourself the opportunity to agree or disagree with me by getting on over to 555 Gallery in Boston to see them. 

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Permalink | Posted December 23, 2014