Took the Prints

Took the three mounted prints to the studio yesterday and went over this morning to frame them: one 36 inch square and two 46 x 34 inch prints. A very small section of the"hits of the summer". Washed car, went back over to my new place later to meet up with the moving helpers bringing stuff from the storage unit in Dedham. Slow midday, with an errand to a new-for-me supermarket in Belmont in quite amazing heat, like an oven, then, in late afternoon this most wonderful light show of clouds and dark skies came through, as changing weather coming in, can hear thunder in distance as I write this. My new place has great sky, never had that in my old place. I photographed them:

What were the three prints that I framed?

The abandoned Hardee's in Spruce Pine, NC

The mother of all crops of kudzu in Hickory NC shot in May

and the newly renovated Saltonstall Bridge in Boston, made in July

add to those the two portfolios I made in the early summer called "Menemsha" and "Spruce Pine NC 2018" and the summer doesn't seem like a total wash.

The three big prints are hanging in my studio. Let me know if you'd like to see them:

Heads up: next chance to see work is this year's Allston Open Studios the weekend of October 13 and 14. Hope to see you then.

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