Our New World

Welcome to a very different world than just a week or two ago. The coronavirus is dictating serious changes to our daily lives. It is also making us very stressed out. I offer as evidence aisles at the grocery store with carts that are full of toilet paper being pushed by customers that look a little out of sorts, maybe a few wires in there shorting out due to too much watching the virus coverage adding into the mix a totally bizarro Trump news conference or two just to craze things up a little more.

At any rate, as most of us can photograph alone, this is an excellent time to be out with a camera. We, after all, are in the business of commenting on our world in some form and it would seem to be important to display it in its current condition. I know I am feeling this way and am trying to get out every day to look at my surroundings through this new and quite odd perspective. 

It is ironic that just when we need each other for moral support we must "social distance".

(images  of NYC courtesy of Google Images)

I have told my private students that I will not be meeting them face to face for what I hope is a short period. While a few were working towards presentations at upcoming portfolio reviews, those are now canceled as well, so the pressure is off for a bit. 

I will, however, be continuing to work with students 1:1 via emails, Skype and online. I will do this on an hourly basis at a reduced rate due to the lack of actually meeting. Contact me here if you are interested in working with me.  

Stay healthy, strong and active (if you can). I for one am not taking a break from my life. But I am trying to live my life amongst fewer people right now. I do this for myself but also for the larger issue of helping to protect others should I be a carrier. I will take precautions, heed the CDC guidelines as much as I can and keep photographing. I wish you all the best.

Down the Street from Liz's, Concord River, Concord MA 3/2020

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