New Normal

Egg Rock, Concord, MA

Got gloves? Check

Got Masks? Check

Got Purell? Check

Heading out to photograph, definitely some new things to bring along in the world of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

As I wrote last week, I have been going to the confluence of the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers in Concord, MA to photograph.

This feels like going to a retreat of some kind. Outdoors right now is very good; to be outside, to breath fresh air, to feel the sun on your face. With no people nearby. We can escape the dreadful reality for a little while, get a break. Are the photographs I make going to shake the world with their quality? No. Are they getting repetitive as I go back and back? Yes. Does it matter? No.

Seeking peace, stillness, tranquility, serenity? Find your Concord River. Could be your backyard as the season changes, the trail along the shore, the hike up the hills outside of town. It doesn't matter. Do it for your mental health.

BTW: Concord is loaded with historical importance. Think Paul Revere and this country's Revolutionary War, his famous ride, the assembly of the troops at Concord and Lexington, "the British are Coming, the British are coming".

I am writing this on April 3  in Massachusetts, a state that has not peaked yet and that has not enacted a stay-at-home order. Considering how very dire the forecasts are, I expect one any day, if not in the state then in the whole country.

Stay safe, please.

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