My Midsummer Adventure #4

Picture this: midsummer tropical weather blanketing the whole New England region. Intense showers and flash flooding, then clearing and drying out, only to repeat again and again with more squalls. For two days now and slated to continue for two more. So humid, the air soaked, everything wet and hot too.

In this context I visited the Clarke Art Museum today in Williamstown, MA to see this:

which is just a stupendous show, proving a vitality and power of women artists in the second half of the 19th century in and around Paris. What a delight. Read about it here.

 Highly recommended.

The Clark itself is wonderful, particularly in this weather. This is what it looked like in the rain on the back side by the infinity pool this afternoon.

Last night in Schenectady, NY and onwards to Utica tonight. 

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