My Midsummer Adventure #3

What's this? A non-photographic post in a photography blog? In the first post in this series I wrote I was going to break with convention, that the blog was becoming predictable. Well, here's a change.

In this blog I will write about Marlboro Music, the chamber music series of concerts each summer on the campus of Marlboro College near Brattleboro, VT. I went yesterday and heard the finest of presentations of pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven,  Elliot Carter and Johanness Brahms.

The formula is simple and elegant. Acknowledged masters rehearse and perform with younger musicians each summer. There is no schedule and no deadline. When you go to a performance at Marlboro you don't know what will be played that day. Musicians play when they are ready, not before.

The quality of the playing and the sound in the hall results in some of the best performances I have ever heard. 

This is a mentor/mentee relationship, although the quality of play by these younger artists is amazing.

Yesterday's concert was attended by a mostly regulars audience with a median age of somewhere around 80 years old. I felt young there!

These are people that are seriously committed to Marlboro. Most have been coming for many years.


The musicians taking a bow after they performed the Brahms (String Sextet in G Major, Op. 36).This incredible piece was composed by Brahms when he was 27 years old!

Marlboro Music: highly recommended.

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