I have moved. I know, no big deal to you but talk about disruption. Holy shit; 


From a townhouse in Cambridge, MA  to an apartment in Belmont 20 minutes away, into a different world. 

An apartment complex w/parking garage, pool,  gym, movie theatre, business center and repairs just a call away. Nice. New. No worrying about the roof, replacing the furnace or fixing the broken screen on the back door. Odd, as usually the progression is the young are in an apartment, then, as they get older, then buy a house. I am doing just the opposite. Like I said, a little chaotic.

Why all this? Here comes the answer to your question 

"I thought this was a photo blog?" 

This is logistical but still relevant: great studio nearby serving as the archive for the work made over my career but paying huge rent each month and all these 27 years living in a small space where it is not possible to put the two together. That's the plan, to sell the townhouse, find a space where I can put my work with my living space and let the studio go. Part 1 is now complete as I have sold and moved out. The second phase, the finding and moving into enough square feet to get rid of the studio, has not, hence the apartment. A one-year hiatus and this thing is definitely turning into a multiyear project. Time to take a breath, time to travel (to photograph!) and time to look for the longer-term solution. I know, not exactly downsizing, which is what most are doing at my age, but change is often good and I believe this one is going to be.

The disruption has meant my work has taken a hit this summer and I am sorry for that. I did good work earlier in Spruce Pine and Menemsha. 

Spruce Pine, North Carolina 2018

Menemsha, MA 2018

Let's see what happens as things stabilize a little. 

Thanks for coming along.

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