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Perhaps you've noticed but the blog has been taking a little bit of a break the past couple of weeks. I have been away and doing non photographic things like working on a summer home and hanging out with friends and family.

While my time away isn't over I did want to write that there is an opportunity to see some new work that I believe is really exceptional. I wrote late last winter about the new Shrink Wrapped series of boats covered in plastic (I know: sounds bogus but in actuality the pictures are something.)

Abstract, haunting, unusual, sensual, ethereal, subliminal, affecting, perplexing, enigmatic, disorienting, beautiful, haunting are some of the words I associate with these pictures.

Before I left I took the full portfolio to 555 Gallery in Boston so the prints could be viewed by a friend but you can take a look too. Just ask to see the Shrink Wrapped portfolio. By the way, the prints are printed on 24 x 30 inch Exhibition Fiber paper. Seen this size I believe they will form a lasting impression.

555 Gallery's site: here

While you're there take look at the current exhibition, Inherent Vitality, a show that celebrates all that is summer.

Permalink | Posted May 31, 2017