What the ....?

I wrote this back in late September but never published it. Now, with it being 16 degrees out, windy and gray with a dusting of snow on the ground it seems like a good time to put a little summer color out there.

What if you had trained to be a painter? What if you were a colorist way back in your twenties when you were spray painting very large canvases with huge areas of solid colors? What if you then switched to photography and stayed with it through 30 years of  black and white prints you made in your darkroom? What if you then changed to the new world of digital printmaking and then a few years later to shooting with a digital camera?

You'd probably still be a colorist at heart, right? Maybe not always, but sometimes. 

Windsor Fair, Maine 2014

I know, there's something else going on in some of these besides color. They're a little scary and twisted, yes?

My brother-in-law Marc Harrison, who died of ALS years ago, always said he hated Disney cartoons and I agree. He claimed he'd been traumatized by watching them in movie theaters as a kid. Cartoons like Dumbo and Pinocchio, where parents are killed and a little kid has to fend for himself. I tend to agree.

Stay warm.

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