Vignole, Italy

Get your ticket and get on the water bus called a Vapporetto, and ride it a ways in the lagoon that surrounds Venice and you might end up on Vignole. Right away Vignole is different, not like Murano or Burano, but agricultural, with few tourists and sparsely populated. When teaching for three summers in the mid 2000's in Venice it is where I went when off on weekends to get away, to take pictures by myself, to grab a few hours of serenity before going back into the maelstrom that is Venice in high tourist season.

The series was made in 2007, at the end of decades making 120 mm black and white pictures with film. These negatives never met an enlarger in a darkroom, however, as I scanned them, then made inkjet prints.

Google Maps gives us a good idea of what the island looks like:

The full series is on the site at: Vignole

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Next up is Thomspson, CT.

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