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'Sconset, Nantucket 2012

As promised, I have just posted the 'Sconset series on the site.  It might be helpful if I point out that the link from the black and white photographs in the series to the color images starts with number 9:

If you look at the background you can see a lattice fence. This is the same fence in number 10, the first color image in the group:

I  have also linked the starting image to the last one. Here is the first:

and the last:

For those of you that have questions about how this series was made, I used a 24 mm PC (Perspective Control) lens mounted on a tripod. This lens allows tilts and shifts. My early black and white series works were always made with a Hasselblad SWC, a 120mm camera that has a fixed 38 mm Biogon lens. 38 mm in 120mm format is roughly equivalent to 24 mm for a large chip DSLR like the Nikon I use.

As always I welcome your comments at:

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