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The blog has just received recognition from Feedspot as #11 in the list of 75 best fine art photography blogs worldwide. 

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The blog? Oh, just something I've been writing weekly since November 2012. That would be almost 8 years! I don't know if some of you have been with me since then but I am thankful for all my followers. I hope my thoughts and experiences have been helpful over the years. Mine is a long career in one discipline. I have sought to be open, to present my work and the work of others in a positive but also critical point of view and to share my perceptions and to place work in perspective.

Always good to be recognized for an effort and I am honored to be selected.

Reminder: all eight years of the blog are searchable and also archived so you can read all of what I have written. Talk about binging! 

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Permalink | Posted April 30, 2020