This Thursday!

This is big, very big. In the new series of "meet the artist" at 555 Gallery, this coming Thursday from 6-8 several of the gallery artists will be on hand.

Ever wonder why a photographer made their work look like that? Ever think that there must've been a number of decisions that contributed to the final images and wondered what those were? Ever want to figure out what makes a particular artist think that way? Want to see more work by someone?

Last Thursday I showed the Forti Dei Marmi, Italy portfolio to a young couple who professed to know next to nothing about art. We had a good time, with me bringing them into the work, explaining that I worked in series and this work went from little color and progressed through stages into work that was about color relationships working off of some of Joseph Alber's ideas. The work is accessible, has some theory behind it, but also is just plain fun to look at, in a sensual overload kind of way.

But listen, you can look at these pictures on your little smartphone at 72 DPI and say you've got it, you know what I am talking about or you can come down to 555 Gallery this Thursday evening between 6-8 pm, grab a beer or a glass of wine, look over the wonderful work hanging on the walls, walk up to me and say "I'd like to see the Italian portfolio from Forti Dei Marmi you shot in 2012". And you know what? We will go over the pictures, the actual prints at 25 x 17 inches, you and I and I will tell you about what I did. 

See you Thursday.

Permalink | Posted June 1, 2015