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I am writing this in the early morning of August 1, 2015. I am struck by many things as we change from midsummer to the beginning of late summer, a month that always forecasted the end of most things fun to me. Spending my whole career in academia had me each spring looking forward to the freedom and creative possibilities inherent in three months off from work. I also dreaded going back in September. I know many of you share the same feelings. Don't get me wrong. I liked my job, but wearing shorts and a T shirt, waking up with no schedule and deciding on a whim to go kayaking if the weather looked good trumped teaching, attending and chairing endless meetings every time.

At any rate, as I ramble on here, I just now am finishing a relentless printing and framing schedule, getting ready for my work called "Monsters" to be shown in September at 555 Gallery. We are not finished yet but I can see the end ahead, as work is printed, mounted and the frames ordered and are in. We will have a marathon framing day this week and see how many we can get done. What can I share? First off, on a technical note, the quality of the files from the Nikon D800e that I used to make these photographs is astounding. I feel so fortunate to have made these photographs when the technology has reached this level. I can remember in the  early days of shooting the Cabelas work (late 2007) wishing for better quality. What was the problem? You couldn't print large due to the file sizes being small. In the eight years since then digital photography has become mature and exceptional. All this is at the service, of course, of allowing larger prints of higher quality. Come to the show that opens September 12 and see if you agree.

Mona © 2014 Neal Rantoul

Knowing where my bread is buttered has me, at times, having difficulty holding back from opinions and thoughts on issues outside of my main area of expertise.  People come to read this blog not for my insights or thoughts on current issues outside of photography. But my cup is very full right now, because issues like police treatment of blacks and hispanics as evidenced by dash cams and smart phone videos is just too much. Because issues like politicians' denial of climate change due to their pockets being filled with oil industry lobbyist funds has me feeling sick. Argh! Don't get me started. 

Take a deep breath, Neal. Whew! Back on topic. The 555 Gallery show called "Wild Thing" will include painting by a young artist and a video piece as well. My contribution, "Monsters", will be in the main gallery and will include a catalog too. And yes, that is currently in final design stage and will be out soon. 

Last, it may be my age, but in my later years as a teacher I told students that making art was not for the mobility challenged, meaning that it was physical. Being slothful would not work as you needed to engage with the world, you needed to make things that often required exertion and those things needed to be moved around, hung on a wall and shown. And that took a lot of energy and desire to be moving to make happen. I would tell them that too many hours in front of a computer screen was not good. That lesson is still true today and one I need to heed as well. Stay fit, my friends. Do not let a lack of fitness restrict your ability to make work.

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