The Wall in Chelsea

The Wall pictures are new, as of June 2014. They are from Chelsea, MA. 

These are in sequence.

Think they're good. 

Wonder if you do.

Try these on:

First one just a placeholder, to orient you where I am shooting, not intended to be part of series. Will serve as thumbnail on title page like so:

Series starts here. There is some correction for convergence.

The ones with the pipe in them, the five below, run to six in the full portfolio. The pipe is the visual device intended to provide continuity through this sub group and need to be hung left to right in a single row.

But the pipe pictures really serve as the preamble to the core of the series which is these next three:

of which there are six in the printed portfolio (I have to hold something back), then to begin to finish here with the roughly center framed door.

Then to the last one, which is the only one that lets you out, the idea being that the negative space of the sky becomes surface much like those in some of the earlier ones that have panels that were also light blue.

And finally, there is a bit of  back story. There always is.The day I shot these I loaded up my bike on the top of my car, drove over the Tobin Bridge, parked in an empty lot in Chelsea and rode throughout the city until I stopped here to make these pictures. After I did these I rode down by the water and made another series (that I am working on now). I rode back to my car to put the bike back on the car and walked over to Mystic Brewery, where I tasted a couple of very fine beers and took the tour of the brewery.

My idea of heaven on earth in a day.

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