The Show Here

If you've been reading the blog right along you know I had a one-man show at the Martha's Vineyard Museum over the winter, from January-April that was my aerial photographs of the island made over the past ten years or so. The show was called "ABOVE".

I always say that shows go out and shows come back. Well, in late April I drove to Woods Hole, took the ferry to the island, drove to the Museum then loaded up the work, had lunch with a friend, caught a ferry and drove the work to the studio the next morning.

This morning my daughter Maru and I hung about half the show in the hallway outside my studio. Why? To give you a chance to see the work. Many expressed regret at not seeing the real thing and now you can.

So, if you're local to Boston here's how to get to the show. The studio is in the large building at 119 Braintree Street in Alston, right next to the Mass Pike. There is plenty of parking at either end of the building. My studio is up the elevator to the 3rd floor with signs directing you to Neal Rantoul Studio at suite 320. The show is right outside my studio door.

You know how we're always saying that there is nothing like the real thing: the actual print hanging on a wall? Well, this is a good example of just that. So, get yourself off the sofa, get to 119 Braintree Street in Alston and go see the show. I don't believe you'll regret it.

BTW: the building is generally locked up on weekends, but is open all day and evenings during the week. 

Permalink | Posted June 10, 2021