Studio Move Finish

Almost two weeks after moving my studio from Allston to Acton I have made my first print:

Remarkable, really. The Epson 9500 seems to have made the trip without a hiccup. It ran two cleaning cycles before I made this, which came out just fine. 

Ever think about what an inkjet printer has to do to make an image that looks like a photograph? The technology boggles the mind. Those of you that don't print, should, as it can be one of life's great pleasures. Tiny little dots of ink being sprayed out on a piece of paper. A far cry from the endless years of sliding photo paper into a developer tray and rocking it back and forth, watching the image appear.

At any rate, I am in and slowly the studio is becoming presentable and usable. Clearly, I have made far too many pictures over my career, this evidenced by the new frame rack being completely full. Some pieces are lost and looking for a home with nowhere to go, leaning up against the wall until I figure out a shelf system that will house them. 

I have my first presentation next week, which will be more chaotic than usual as I have no idea where some framed pieces are as they sit in the frame rack but we will work it out.

Contemplating a move? Make it sooner rather than later. These past two weeks have been exhausting and stressful but I am extremely pleased I am over the worst of it. I have learned that what seems overwhelming is manageable if you just hunker down far enough in advance and work each day.

One of my teaching lessons is: "Get in, get it done, get out." 

That's just what I did.

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Permalink | Posted February 17, 2022