Star Island

In early September I was the guest photographer at the annual retreat weekend of the New Hampshire Society for Photographic Artists (NHSPA) on Star Island, off the coast of New Hampshire. This is a plug for the island and NHSPA.

Star Island is remarkable, sitting several miles off the coast. With an old ark of a hotel, "rustic" rooms with shared bathrooms and three cafeteria meals a day, it is a place from an earlier time. Our group shared space with writers and poets, academics and school groups. 

Star is  quite small, maybe 3/4 of a mile across. While there I made the requisite photographs of the rocks, the surf crashing in and the buildings, which are very beautiful.

But I also formed a  bond with some wonderful people. The NHSPA members go on this retreat every year. United by their love of photography, they meet to share their work, their frustrations with their work and their ideas about new work. My  role was part instructor, part colleague and part new friend. We all had a great time (as you can see). That's me at the wheel of a golf cart that might be just a little overloaded.

Anyone can go to Star Island. It is only open in the summer and closes about mid September. The ferry leaves from downtown Portsmouth, NH. Go to: for more information

Permalink | Posted November 6, 2012