SNOW Again

Four years ago I made some pictures during the season's first snowstorm in Cambridge, MA where I lived at the time. They are: here.

Later on, I folded some of those into some other work made that winter into a book I called Trees, Sand and Snow

Well, here we are almost four years later on almost the last day of October and we've just had our first snowstorm. Of course, I went out and made some pictures.

The last time I photographed snow it was close to home and this time was too. I no longer live in Cambridge but moved last spring to Acton, a western suburb about 40 minutes from Boston.

By March all this will be the worst, we'll be fed up with snow, everything will be colorless, frozen, and dead-looking. But this early and the first of the season I can't imagine anything more beautiful than fresh snow.

BTW: the first one, of the swamp? I photographed there throughout the summer.

Stay safe and well.

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Permalink | Posted October 30, 2020