Revisit: Thompson Spring

About 10 years ago I made a set of pictures of a mostly abandoned town about an hour from Moab, Utah called Thompson Spring.

I went through them the other day. In 2019 I spent some time with them as I reprinted them. Rare for me, but I wasn't happy with the paper I printed them on originally. They now are as good as is possible, printed on Red River's San Gabriel, sadly no longer offered. A superb paper. 

This is a favorite body of work.

I wrote extensively about the series:

The prints are 25 x 17 inches. 

Suggestion:  a cup of coffee, a beer, a glass of wine, some time with no distractions, a computer with a good display, and a look over the series, then reading the posts in sequence, all 5 of them. I think you might enjoy the experience. 

Increasingly, my work is seen on line and also increasingly, with the blog as a companion; the artist's voice, if you  will. For whatever reason, the combining of technological change and an evolving sense of art's role in our lives as we see it and it being read about on screen has us seeing and interpreting art differently than ever before. Maybe not worse, but different. In my long career I've never been able to sit and have a conversation with someone and explain my work, its intention, its success (or lack of) in a show. Now, in effect, I can. You can call up the show anytime you like, read about it, see the work in its proper sequence, the work glowing and lit from behind on a high quality screen and then research it, hear about it from the artist that made it.  In your freaking living room! Tell me that's not new. 

Thompson Spring holds a strong place in my oeuvre, mature work leaning on past bodies created earlier. I wasn't in new territory here, just new content. 

Hope you like. 

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Permalink | Posted May 1, 2021