Before leaving for San Diego I resigned from the board of directors of the PRC (Photographic Resource Center) in Boston. As there have been some rumors about why I did this I thought I'd post the "why" here. 

I joined the board almost six years ago as I thought I could help. I cared about the PRC and its continuing existence.  I knew many of the people who either worked for it or were on its board. I also thought the board needed representation from an educator and a photographer. This part of the regional photo community lacked representation on the board. The bylaws of the PRC state that a board member can serve two consecutive three year terms, then must step down for a minimum of one year before going back on the board. This if the PRC wants the board member back on and he/she agrees to serve again. As my term was ending this June, I resigned a few months early as I was going to be away most of the spring.

I gave my all to the PRC and believe as strongly today as I ever have that it is one of the finest non profit photography organizations in the USA, if not the finest. I believe that Boston and photography in Boston is in part defined by the presence and programming of the PRC. I also believe that the staff and board are exceptional as well. I am proud that I was on the board and hope that I was helpful.

Further, I wish the PRC all the best and pledge to do anything I can to help if asked.

If you live in the region, I hope you will offer to help as well. Being a non profit these days is not easy and many have folded. For me it is impossible to think of no PRC in the community in which I live. No lecture series, no shows, no PRC nights, no web site, no portfolio reviews, no auctions, no Loupe. Inconceivable.


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Permalink | Posted February 23, 2013