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Just a quick post to say that I am up and running with the new printer. 

This makes me a truly happy camper. So much of my career-long artist identity is wrapped up in the prints I make that it is rewarding to be able to print. I am working on the new Wheat portfolio of imagery I shot in June.

One question I've been getting a lot: is the new printer making better prints?  Inkjet printing technology is no longer breaking new ground with major advances in each new iteration of printer. I bought my last printer, the Epson 9900, six years ago. The new printer, the p9000, looks almost identical, works exactly the same, is a little quieter (uses a different fan?), may be a little faster at 1440, and makes prints completely indistinguishable from the 9900. This is either a good thing, making prints of mine six years old as cutting edge as today's, or a little discouraging that technology hasn't improved the breed much or that Epson sees little point in investing in research and development for an area that is clearly not a big seller these days.

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Permalink | Posted August 11, 2019