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Fellow photographer and friend Michael Hintlian and I are offering a photography workshop in the wheat field country of Washington in September. Most of my trips  to the Palouse have been solo ones, but a few times over the years photo friends and colleagues have joined me for a few days. They were blown away. The region is simply phenomenal, the kind of place where, when you come over a hill on a dirt farm road, you never know what amazing arrangement of rolling hills and golden wheat you will see. September is a wonderful time to be there. Days will still be warm but not as hot, with cool nights, great light and the fields will be gold and yellow. We'll be staying in Colfax, which is in the heart of the Palouse. Please note that there are other workshops being taught in the Palouse, many actually. But ours will be the best. Why? Because of my years photographing there, because of our integrity as picture makers and because we will have more fun. I sincerely hope you can join us. This is an experience not to be missed.

Spread the word and sign yourself up.This one will fill fast.


Join us for a landscape workshop in the Palouse, its now scheduled and open, the details are:

The Itinerary. The workshop begins in Colfax, Washington with dinner on Sunday evening September 22 and ends with dinner on Friday evening September 27.

The what. This is an intensive 5-day landscape photography workshop where you will be fully immersed in the breathtaking landscape of the Palouse located in Southeast Washington State; it is an amazing opportunity for image making.

There are many more details to give you but the important thing to know is once in the Palouse your basic needs - a clean and secure place to sleep, daily box lunches, and daily transportation are handled. We will include dinners on the first and last nights of the workshop otherwise breakfasts and dinners are not included and are conveniently available. All you need to concern yourself with is the day-to-day immersion in all the stunning photography opportunities available here. Each evening you will return to the hotel, enjoy dinner, back up your files and do a soft edit of your images. After dinner we will be meeting together as a group to run a crit of the day's work.

The where. In short, we will be working in the Palouse of Southeast Washington State, our base of operations will be Colfax, Washington. About the area? Neal’s description here says it all:

The when. The dates for the workshop begin with dinner on Sunday evening September 22 and ends with dinner on Friday evening September 27, 2013.

The Who. Co-leaders are Neal Rantoul and Michael Hintlian. Neal is an accomplished career fine art photographer who led the photography department at Northeastern University for 30 years. He has photographed in the Palouse region for over 17 years and knows it through a photographer’s eyes making him uniquely qualified to guide photographers in the area. Michael has photographed projects all over the globe; he heads the Department of Documentary Photography at the New England School of Photography and leads workshops globally. Both are energetic, experienced and effective coaches.

What you get. You get lodging beginning Sunday evening September 22 through Friday night September 27 (check out on Saturday morning the 28th). Each day you will be transported to any one of the amazing locations in the region to photograph and explore and brought back in the evening. Critiques are held each workshop evening following dinner for a review of the day's work - this is an important part of the whole experience.

The cost. The cost is $1395. As in the past this trip will fill quickly, a $500. deposit will hold your spot; don't delay if you want to be on this trip. This rate does not include airfare, and as always airfare will vary depending on your location.

The Addition. We have connected with a great aviation service out of the Pullman/Moscow airport; they have the right high-winged Cessna planes with space for two photographers. The rate is $175 per hour and affords photographers interested in this amazing vantage point an incredible opportunity. There may be 30 minute or 1 hour options available.

These are long and fabulously full days that will forward your work in ways you cannot imagine. Our invitation is simple...join us!

And, of course, don't hesitate reaching us if you have questions.


Neal and Michael

T: 978-815-9493

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