Penland Four 2014

Yesterday we went to Marion, NC for a few hours to photograph. It felt very good to get off campus, to see new places and have new experiences. We are now building out our initial concept of combing words with images to allow more pictures than one,  beginning to use narrative form and sequencing to make a group of pictures.

Marion was wonderful:

After an excellent lunch at  "Bruce's Fabulous Foods" where we were seated in the banquet room in back, we returned to Penland. Bruce offered us a choice of about 13 different flavors of cheesecake for dessert. 

Class? The students are doing really well now. Motivated, working hard, interested and interesting.There is still a great deal to do and next we will move on to working collaboratively.

Each night at Penland, after dinner is "Slide Night" where faculty and studio assistants present slides of their work for the whole community, about 200 people. So far we've seen work by metal workers, which includes iron, and wood and clay. 

Photography, which will be myself, Chris Benfey and Mercedes Jelinek, will present next week.

Stay tuned.

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