On the Road

Let's be clear: driving long distances can really suck. I drove today from Boston to Hagerstown, MD and it took all day. 

What's bad: trucks, construction, bad drivers, accidents, trucks, people who hog the left lane, trucks, and oh yes, trucks. Makes you wonder how much of what we buy and consume is brought to us by trucks. Must be huge.

What redeemed today's trip? The weather. It went from cloudy to major rain and cloudy again, on and off, all day. High drama kind of rain where you really can't see anything in front of you because it's coming down so hard.

Did I make any pictures? After all, this is a photo blog. No I did not. But I saw some things that were picture worthy and went by a barn I'd photographed in 4 x 5 in 1969 north of New London, CT  off  Route 95. Still standing. Got me thinking, what has changed and what remains the same? Everything and nothing, I suppose. Funny to think that I was making that picture of that barn so long ago at the very dawn of my career and now I am going by it when you can count on one or two hands the rest of the years I have left, close to the conclusion of my career. 


Writing this the next morning from my motel in Hagerstown, MD. Headed down into the George Washington National Forest in Virginia today on my way to Spruce Pine, North Carolina. I've got some things I want to try out about foliage, and making pictures of it in layers. We will see.

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Permalink | Posted May 23, 2014