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Subscribers to my blog have been missing out for the past week or so as the blog had a short hiatus while I worked to populate the website with work made over the past several months. I am happy to report that job is done and there is much to see.

Some of the work was discussed while I was making it, mainly in California this past February, but you soon learn when keeping both a site and a blog, that blogs come and then are gone quickly, while work on the gallery page stays and people can refer to it now or in the future. So, there are new thumbnails on the gallery page you can click on to see all the work from the new series. Take a look and you'll see:

Mt Tamalpais, CA:

Central Valley, CA Aerials:

Before and After Aerials CA

Skate Park CA

Salt Point Park CA:

Monsters MA:

There are still a few more to add but I will work to keep the blog going while I include other series.

By the way, if you're new to reading this blog you may subscribe (and unsubscribe at any time). Just add your email address on the right side of any post. I will not pester you, sell the list or share it with anyone. 

Finally, as I have been posting blogs on this site for over two years now, there are a great many to read.  They are also searchable by categories but also by name.

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Permalink | Posted April 29, 2014