My Midsummer Adventure #5

This is my last posting in this series as this is the last day of my trip. Today I go home after my second concert at Marlboro Music Festival this afternoon.

This is the weekend my townhouse has been available for viewing in an open house. There were about 50 people that went through it yesterday, Saturday. Although it has been at times hard to be away, it was a good idea to bail during this time of upheaval. Now, I will get to be home for a few weeks while the place is still for sale and until, hopefully, it sells.

Yesterday on my drive down from Plattsburgh, NY to Brattleboro I stopped at Great River Outfitters a couple of miles north of Windsor, VT. They provide the service of taking you and your boat (your own or one you rent from them) up the Connecticut River several miles and dropping you off. This allows you to paddle down river back to their location. This is good for a two or three hour leisurely cruise down a mostly benign river with stops along the way.

Of course, I brought a camera.They will give you the needed dry bags for this if you don't have any. Mark this on the bucket list. I couldn't help but think how very fortunate I am to live where I do and to have the physical and fiscal ability to take advantage of something like this. 

At the end as we were about to land back at GR Outfitters, the heavens opened up and it poured. Later, at dinner in Brattleboro, it poured again:

When it cleared as the sun was going down I made this:

Summer in New England is amazing.

My Midsummer Adventure Conclusion: I've been on the road now for almost two weeks, with a motel each night, driving each day, usually a different town or city each night.

#1 Motels get old really fast. Some are good and many are not. Bad beds are the worst. The lowest I will go is 2.5 on Expedia or Hotwire.

#2 Eating well is hard. Junk food prevails everywhere.

#3 Going on  a trip like this at 71 years old is a little different; i.e I learned that tackling the hills on my bike at Lake Placid was very very hard. I also am learning to ask for help when I need it.

#4 This was a two part trip: vacation with a kayaking and biking and work: with full camera systems and tripods. I did work and did look hard for pictures. I'll show you what I got when I get to the studio and edit the work.

Stay tuned. As always I am grateful for your following the blog.

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