Mt Auburn Cemetery 2014

This isn't the first time I've posted about pictures made in this wonderful cemetery in Cambridge, MA where I live. My first real set of pictures in the 8 x 10  format were made at Mt Auburn Cemetery in the mid 80's: I blogged about them here. Even before then I made pictures there one spring in 35mm infrared.

I still go back, of course, as it is  just a couple of miles from where I live and it is a kind of paradise, often for me a refuge from the storm of whatever is going on in my life; a meditative place. When I taught at Harvard I used to take classes there for field trips. 

But now, as I write this after our fourth snowstorm in a few weeks in Boston in February where it looks like this

I find myself thinking of spring, and color, and remembering when I went over to the cemetery in May last year on a warm afternoon, when the cemetery was redolent with the fragrance of blooming trees, to photograph. I hope these make your day a little better, a little lighter, and a little more colorful.

If you live in the northeast, you know first hand that this winter has been really hard, making just getting about difficult. It has distracted us from our daily routines, our work, our friends, our art and our motivation. And, it seems endless. As I write this the wind chill is about minus 20, I can hear the wind blowing today's snow around into drifts, there was a multi car car crash on Rt 128 in white out conditions and tomorrow it won't get out of the teens in bright sunlight. 

Take heart, my friends, spring will come. It will look like this and the air will smell sweet with blooming flowers. And it will be very very good.

Permalink | Posted February 16, 2015