Moving Day

We've been leading up to the studio move now for a couple of months. February 1 2022 was the day. It was long and exhausting, moving out of my studio in Allston MA that I'd been in for ten years and into a new space in Acton MA.

Many of you have been to the old studio, a near-perfect location and space in a building filled with creatives. I will miss it.

But, since moving to Acton two years ago the drive to the studio in Allston was a killer. It took a couple of years to find something close by but the new space is perfect, about a mile from home.

These are from last week, before the move, building the new rack for framed work.

I went back to the Allston studio this morning to make sure it was clean and ready for new tenants. Bare and returned to its native state, it is no longer mine and no longer has my personality. Just an empty space again. 

I found myself in tears as the studio in Allston evokes memories of some of the best years of my life and the most productive as well.  Printing, framing, preparing exhibitions, showing work to collectors, curators, editors, designers, yearly open studios, parties, dinners, brunches, presentations, teaching workshops and holding critique sessions, great conversations with friends new and old, and above all a place for art: the making, the looking, the discussing and the packaging to send off for a show.

In telling my daughter Maru how I felt leaving the space she said, "A door closes and another opens". How true. The new space is a new and exciting chapter.

Change is harder when you're old.

Right now the new studio is so crammed with everything I can hardly envision how it will work, but it will, and please consider this an open invitation to come and see it when it is ready.

Stay tuned

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