Maine Vacation 1

I am in Maine for a 1 1/2 week "vacation" as relief from a relentless schedule of being retired [sic]. The first couple of days were in Augusta staying in a motel, then to a rental cottage on the harbor in Port Clyde with my daughter, my grand daughter and my future son in law. We did stuff like go to the Blue Hill Fair and eat lobster. I really enjoyed having them. My six year old grand daughter Skye lost another tooth which makes corn on the cob not possible until she grows some front teeth.

But they are now gone and I am working again. I worked on a new Guggenheim application this morning and contacted my four outside reviewers bringing them up to date and telling them I am on course to apply later this month. I also proofed a piece sent to me by Chris Benfey, an author and friend, who is writing the introduction to a new book coming out soon of my writings. What? Yes, it is true. We are hard at work on a new book of essays written by me. Stay tuned.

And I went out looking for pictures. It has been foggy all day. This represents a huge opportunity to make pictures, I think. But this part of Maine is hard as it is relentlessly pretty. I ended up at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum near Rockland in the back paved lot which was mostly empty after a Labor Day weekend of crowds gawking at hundreds of motorcycles.

There I made this:

and this:

among others. 

Neither image is essential to the other pictures I was making there, which I am saving for another post. This gets us into the "this one" or "that one" game, which can go on forever. Please don't send me your vote as, believe me, I don't need to know it. 

But know this: fog is good. Make pictures under adverse conditions, particularly if you are interested in using outdoor light. Sunny is good too, but just not all the time.

It's the light that makes our pictures. Use it the best you can and use different light whenever possible.

Stay tuned for Maine Vacation 2.

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