Instant Connections

Jason Landry, the owner of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, has just come out with his first book called "Instant Connections". To quote Philip Prodger, curator and head of the Photography Department at the Peabody Essex Museum, (Landry's book is) "part memoir, part philosophical reflection, part insider tell-all."

The book is one very good read in that Jason tells us about his upbringing, his experiences and shares his expertise as a gallery owner in an accessible and straight forward manner. Furthermore he is also funny, irreverent and unpretentious. This is a very different way to write about photography, art, gallery practice and collecting than is is the norm. It is also extremely refreshing as it breaks through a high degree of BS.

For more information about the book and why Jason wrote it go here. It is available through Amazon.

Does this sound like a biased opinion? Yes. That's because my work is represented by Panopticon. The gallery isn't like any other gallery I know of nor is Jason like anyone else I know. 

For anyone working to understand the wild and crazy world of photography and the present day industry of art exhibition, sales and collecting, this book is a must. Just starting out and thinking about getting your work shown someplace? Read "Instant Connections" right away.

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Permalink | Posted November 27, 2013