Shows are ephemeral-they come, they go. It is important to preserve them by photographing them before they come down. 

I learned this lesson when several shows from earlier in my career came and went with no documentation of their existence.  That's also why I like cards or posters: an image that is in the show, the title, the gallery or museum, the address and date. All of this out survives the show which is quickly gone. Reviews too are important to save. 

These are from my show at the New England School of Photography in Waltham MA that just ended last week.

Not high end, no lighting, just snapshots, really. But important.

This from outside on the sidewalk in front of the school. One of the reasons for making large prints was to have them easily seen from outside.

The show statement, which was edited from a longer text that was in a folder that contained a bio, contact information and price sheet, business cards, etc.

Installation photographs=Documentation=Important

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Permalink | Posted February 18, 2018