Iceland: Hofsos Chapter 2

In the first Hofsos post I described and showed a group of pictures taken last week in a small town along the coast of Northern Iceland near where I am staying in a residency at the Baer Art Center.

In this post I will finish the description and show the second chapter in the large series called Hofsos.

If you recall, we were about to go up the hill and to cross the bridge of the river:

At the top of the hill I made one picture:

and another facing back towards the building where the banded building was (Hofsos):

and then across the bridge:

where this is displayed in front of me as a kind of "map" of pictures to make:

(this is actually out of sequence in the series as I wanted to show you the location of where I was. In the Series of Hofsos: Chapter 2, this is the last image in the set.)

Then I began working with the buildings on the hill:

as shapes and forms:

I'll have the full series up on the site soon if you want to see it.

Next up? A profile on the textile artist : Ólöf Einarsdóttir who is from Iceland.

Permalink | Posted July 23, 2013