Iceland: Hofsos

Hofsos is the small town closest to the residency where we stay at Baer. It is an easy bike ride of 20 minutes or so into town and I've found some things to photograph.

New for me is to emphasize one building in a series. Here are a few from the larger group:

The day was flat and gray, perfect for me, about to rain and cold with little wind, and this green siding'd building presented challenges and rewards by working slowly and looking and thinking as I moved around it.

When can photographs mean more than the subject they depict? When can photographs evoke an emotional response? Does emotion put in equate to quality of image coming out? How does an urban landscape picture ever mean more than just what is there? Man, if I knew the answers to those questions don't you think I would just bang off a few and hang up my camera?

See, there was this hill behind this building that just slayed me, so green, empty and glowing. 

And then this final surprise as I'd done the full walk around of this light green and banded building at the harbor, the trailer with a buckled wheel and an odd fluid bend in it

which of course I put up against my favorite hill of all time:

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How someone can fall in love with a hill with a trailer in front of it is beyond me, but I love that.

The series isn't over here, although you'd think it would be. But I went up the gravel path on the right side of the frame in this one:

But before I walked it, and before I show you what will be the second chapter in an all time biggest series of 38 I spun back around to show the whole building a couple of different ways:

and from the end of the dock across the way from the center of the building:

That's it, Chapter 1 of Hofsos, Iceland 2013 by Neal Rantoul. I will post the full series up on the site in a day or two. This is another of my series that isn't in print form yet but they all are RTP (ready to print) and so should get down onto paper reasonably quickly when I get back in early August. Can't wait.

Next up? Pretty quickly Chapter 2 of this shoot from Hofsos where I climb the hill, walk across a river on a foot bridge and photograph some unusual buildings on the hill on the other side of the river.

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