Here's the Deal

Coming off the other day's post Oakesdale Again, where I explained that I returned to visit the cemetery where I first made a series of pictures in 1996 that were important to me, I have an offer you simply cannot refuse.

Back then, as I  wandered through this small cemetery on the side of a hill surrounded by wheat fields I came across this:

which is an upside down small headstone that says: Waldo 1898-1926. This image is the sixth in the series. To me, this is my way of explaining that I found Waldo (from the children's series of books called "Where's Waldo"), and that he is six feet under. 

Well, each year when I go back I walk the cemetery and look for that same headstone. I have never found it.

Here's my offer and I think you'll agree it is too good to pass up.  I will give to the person that finds that headstone, photographs it as proof and sends me the image, a signed black and white print of the original image made in 1996 of the "Waldo" headstone.

No time limit, no other conditions. Simply find Waldo, please. I can't take it, not being able to locate that headstone.

Oh yes, where is the cemetery? Oakesdale is about equidistant between Spokane and Pullman, Washington, not far from Steptoe Butte. Get to town and ask anyone for the cemetery, there is only one.

First one to nail it gets the prize. Please believe that I am in earnest here. This is a real offer. 

Ready set.... go!

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