Going to Paradise-Day 2

Day 2 was big, as I photographed the town and area around it in the morning then in the afternoon flew out of Chico to make photographs from the air.

This one above on the ridge leading up to Paradise, at the tail end of the destruction. The nature of firestorms is that homes are engulfed when hit by embers thrown by high winds. This means some buildings are spared.

In this one you can see trees singed and then some that are still green. This is looking down into the canyon below Paradise.

A Mustang and a Porsche, sitting in the garage,  left behind as the homeowners fled.

Often the chimney is what remains. This home had an expansive view of the canyon below, perched on the edge of the ridge.

Downtown Paradise:

Today? Back to Paradise, to photograph more. At this stage, I am just trying to finish with no regrets about what I didn't get. I have the option to fly again today but will pass as I am confident I got what I needed from above. The on-the-ground work is harder as it tends to look just a confused mass of debris. Will work today to bring some coherence to these pictures. 

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