For the Record

This is what I did: I taught photography at Northeastern University. When hired to start and head the Photography Program at Northeastern University in 1981 there were only 2 courses taught by part time faculty. I developed a curriculum, added color photography to a black and white course structure, designed and built (with help) a color darkroom, hired faculty, hired lab managers, fought for and obtained increases in budget allocations,  planned for and succeeded in obtaining capital equipment, mentored faculty, advised students, brought the Program into digital beginning in 1992, designed all new darkrooms in 1987 when we moved into a renovated building, lobbied for increased  awareness of the Program and photography, advocated for better working conditions and salaries, served on tenure committees, held countless office hours, served on search committees, often at SPE or CAA conferences, served on appeal committees, granting committees, curriculum committees, executive committees, acted as chair of the Department, advocated for better student work environments, headed field trips, oversaw a large budget, etc.

I was the first assistant professor in photography, the first associate and tenured professor in photography and the first full professor in photography at Northeastern.

I also did this: taught two days a week at Harvard University in the Department of Visual and Envionmental Studies from 1978-1990 where I taught intro photo classes, lectured, advised students, obtained 7 excellence in teaching awards, led field trips, etc.

I also did this: got married in 1981, had a baby in 1982, bought a house and oversaw its renovation, helped my wife with her MFA thesis work in photography at MIT, got divorced in 1986, became a half time dad, moved, moved again and moved a third time. 

I also did this: taught at various workshops: Maine Photographic Workshop, Summersite on Lake Como, Italy, Chilmark Photography Workshop, Appalacahian Arts Center, Georgia.

I also did this: made pictures. Constantly. Spent countless hours in various darkrooms, several of which I built, countless hours in front of various computer screens, countless hours behind various cameras, often with my head under a dark cloth. Showed my work: my first show was in 1969. I always made my own prints and usually framed them myself. I still do.

I also did this: obtained residencies at the Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, Georgia (three times), Lightwork in Syracuse (2001), Lake Como, Italy, the Baer Art Center in Hofsos, Iceland (2013).

I also did this: taught in Europe. For three summers I taught in Duino, Italy, and for another three in Viterbo, Italy in the 90's. Starting in 2007 I headed a summer semester  in Venice, Italy for three years, teaching photography for Northeastern. My colleague and friend Andrea Greitzer still heads the same trip.

Finally, as part of the Neal Rantoul "give back" campaign I served on the board of the Photographic Resource Center for six years and the Griffin Museum of Photography for several. I remain on the board of corporators at the Griffin. For two years I made pictures pro bono for the Vineyard Open Land Foundation on Martha's Vineyard. I also did pro bono work for the Canterbury Shaker Villeage in NH and donated a portfolio of prints to their collection. I made pictures of PWA's and active AIDS patients in 1987 and 1988 using 8 x 10 Polaroid materials. The work was used by Polaroid to promote increased AIDS awareness.

Those are some of the things I did.

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