Day 5 Italy Vineyards

I am in my friend John Rizzo's backyard. John and his wife Donna have lived in or near Alba for 10 years or so. John is a career lifestyle photographer with one foot in making art. John was one of the "Three Amigos" in the two shows we had last year. The hills and surrounding areas are where many of his wine and food photographs have come from on assignments but also as stock over the years. He is an avid bicycler and takes me over his route through hill towns the other day in the rain to show me not only where he rides, but also where he stops for an espresso doppio and a bowl of soup on his several hour ride.

Yesterday, while it wasn't brilliant, it wasn't raining either, so we went out to photograph. I wanted at the wine vineyards, as they looked remarkable in the late fall light with yellow and rust colored vines. Typical tourist/photographer reaction, I am sure, but nevertheless they were wonderful in the thick light yesterday about 10 a.m.

I know. Too pretty, not serious. Too bad. I am afraid you'll have to deal with it.

After all this very difficult work we headed up the road to John's favorite place for lunch and had a butternut squash soup with shaved parmesan on top, fresh spinach and potatoes with small local tomatoes sautéd in olive oil.

That's it. I am not coming back to Boston with its approaching winter and the significant tragedies of Tom Menino's death and Tom Ashbrook's (NPR "On Point") wife dying of cancer looming overhead. It's just too much.

Why come back? Well, I've got stuff to do and people to see.  AND, this is big:

Sunday November 23rd from 12-6 pm 555 Gallery and I are hosting:

an epic AS IS print sale. I've got too many framed pieces! My surplus is your gain as these will be marked down significantly. Come check it out, have a glass of wine or cider. It would be fun to see you and who knows?  You might walk away with a framed print.

BTW: there is plenty of free parking in the lot next to the building.

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