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I don't submit much to group shows. If that sounds stuck up, my apologies. A print or two in a show with many others just doesn't do much for my career. But last spring I moved to a new area, a town called Acton, which sits right next to Concord. So I thought it might be good to submit to an open call:

I applied with these three. Ben Sloat, from Lesley College, the show's judge, chose the middle one. At 46 inches across this will take some serious real estate in a gallery at Concord Art that is not large. Many thanks for including me in the show.

These are above Seabrook, NH taken in the fall of 2019.

On a technical note the work that day was made with the Sony A7R MK lV and the Sony 70-200 mm f4 lens. This was the first time I shot aerials with the Sony as opposed to my usual Nikon D850. Would the quality be okay, would they be sharp, will the gyro stabilizer I use help steady the camera?

The answer is: yes. These are some very good files.

Since then I made the switch to the F2.8 70-200mm G Master lens for the Sony.

Update: The show is up, I've been to see it with my family and it looks super. Great light, with my piece sited well too. 

The Concord Art Show is up until March 25. Highly recommended.

For open hours and more information: Concord Art Show

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