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I've been getting some comments on this blog and I thought I would share them with you.

One reader wrote:

 By the way, the last group of photos in Peddocks Island 4 are fantastic!


Mindful of the earlier/first black and white work from Peddocks compared to the most recent I’m seeing this subject working a whole lot better in black and white vs. color. And I think its simple, unlike your other projects, the use of color adds little since the place is basically green with no real trump colors beyond the brick of the buildings when they’re included. The Sconset, Wheat, and aerial images really work because they are as much about form as they are about color by contrast. And I think the Peddock pictures are talking to you, they’re asking you to go back to black and white by way of the experiments you’re being pulled to do by experimenting with the monochrome mix (the picture with the hydrant). It’s the pictures asking you to reconsider. The image from “Hits 2012” really delivers.

and another:

Your notes on the studio, especially about separating work and home and making a commitment to your work, are inspiring. Although I have a small studio...I neglect it and have not made enough of an investment in it. That is to say, that your blog has influenced me to work to make the studio more meaningful.

and finally:

And I am completely on board with your commentary about prints. How quickly we forget the original voice of this medium – my students are stunned and often resist when I insist they depart the digital realm to work with their photos. It’s a very different experience of one’s work from the screen to print. Once they’ve edited their selections to soft edits we go to print, hard copy, real currency. The thing is this, the physical print works with our minds as we grow our vision in ways the digital form cannot.

Thank you all. I am appreciative of the positive comments, of course, but also am pleased to hear from you when you are critical or want to express a different point of view. Please feel free.

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