Car Show

I've  been photographing cars for a very long time. My undergraduate thesis at RISD in 1969 (if that doesn't date me nothing will) was a group of pictures I made in a junkyard south of Providence.

I did some work in 8 x 10 in junkyards in black and white over the 20 or so years I worked in that format. More recently I have been photographing on and off in car shows, most notably the Worcester Nationals every summer in MA and in the winter last year at a large show in Yuma, AZ (2012):

I have also gone to many of the local "meets" that spring up all over the US on Saturday afternoons in the summer in malls, parking lots and drive-ins. 

I have two comments to make on this work. One is that there are some people photographs here.  This is rare for me. The question I get about my work more than any other is, "Do you photograph people?" 

Clearly I do, but not often and not easily. Working fast isn't my best area photo-graphically. Too many years with a 30 lb. camera mounted on a tripod in front of me, shooting outdoors, my head under a dark cloth and with a very slow shutter speed and a very small f stop. The other comment I have on this work is that, and forgive me if this sounds pompous, I have wanted to raise the bar on this genre. Everyone that goes to these shows brings a camera but not everyone makes photographs. I try to. Check out the Car Show series (car show) on the site and then let me know if you think I've succeeded (Neal Rantoul email)

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