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You know how this goes by now: there are small, not very ambitious blogs, blogs that announce something, blogs that berate you to subscribe, and so on.

Then there are blogs posted here that are big, that shake the foundations and tip the world a little. This is one of those.

Started photographing in the late sixties. Have been totally consumed by photographing since. Started teaching in 1971. Know a lot about photography. Don't know maybe more than I know. Can write about many things photographic, including my own career which you've been reading about for over 100 posts. Know there are many more of you that read this blog than there are subscribers. Okay, get that.

With all these years of experience and, hopefully, a fast and lucid mind, it would seem appropriate to try to address your questions.

So, ask 'em. 

What if? Did you know? Were you there when? How do you? Could you ever see yourself? Why do you photograph....? Why don't you photograph...? Do you like this aperture, this lens, this shutter speed, this focal length, this camera, this location, this light, this time of day, etc, etc? What's influenced you? Who's influenced you? What's important? What's not important? Why do you write about ...? Why don't you write about ...? Why did you make this series or that series? And so on.

How about a body of work on my site that you'd like to hear more about? Can do.

Come on all of you, step up and make this a two way conversation. Rules: when you email me I will not hound you, try to sell you anything and will respect your wish for privacy, should you want it.

I can be reached at: Neal's Email

And thanks... let's see what happens.

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Permalink | Posted May 1, 2013