An Opening, a Party and Three To Go

Good times, even though I pulled my pulled back out earlier in the day.

An opening of the Three Amigos show in Harvard , MA late Saturday afternoon with a fine crowd and then back to the studio in Allston for a small party. We had some good beer and wine, some very good pizza and there were wonderful people enjoying themselves in diverse conversations with several wonderful stories to boot.  Some were new friends and some were old. I thank you all for coming.

Got an extra 20 minutes or so? We say we're really busy and we are but still we seem to be able to take time to space out in front of a computer screen and cruise on line, don't we?  So, cruise on over to my site and first, run through the 25 pictures that is the series Mountain Work. If you can, take a little time with these, looking at details and things spatially. And, of course, their color.

Good so far? Let's move on.

Next I'll ask you please go to to Lago Di Bolsena, Italy . This is a WW II cemetery in central Italy and an altogether different kind of series. Somber and sobering. To be there in the fall that afternoon with a big storm building with the wind picking up and the temperature going down was  remarkable, memorable, and very moving. 

And third, let's do one more. I know, you're busy, but we want to end here on a more optimistic note. 

So, lets finish with: Spruce Pine, NC 2013.

This is the second group of pictures I've made while teaching at Penland School of crafts the past couple of years. I don't think they'll bum you out. Spruce Pine is a really special and beautiful southern small town.

There you have it, three to go.

The Three Amigos show in Harvard is up through January 4th. Check it out. I think you will enjoy it. For more information: Center on the Common

Oh, and if you honor Christmas, may it be a wonderful one, and I wish you the  best of  New Years. 

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