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This blog may digress a little. You see, I am going to write about an obsession with rock, more specifically, rock faces or rock walls. When in Utah in 2010 these became a "thing" for me and I would photograph them often. Yes, I know, this is overworked, overwrought, a cliché and even boring. Doesn't matter, I'm putting them out there anyway.

We'll start here with some of the Utah pictures:

If you are perceptive and perhaps a long time reader of these blogs you may have noticed  a distinct inclination for me to make things like this that I photograph #1 planal, meaning the camera is in parallel to the thing being photographed, and #2 into an abstracted landscape, often with a perceived horizon.

Of course, the rock walls in Utah are simply amazing. And how often have you heard me say that I am interested in the thing I am photographing? Usually, it is what it becomes as a photograph that interests me. 

Northern Georgia is another place that does a similar thing, but with its red dirt.

While this series is technically called "4652 Brandon Mill Road" in Lake Rabun, Georgia it is nicknamed "Africa" for the obvious reason of:

I know what you're thinking... "what is this guy smoking?" All I can say in defense of these is that you have to see them as prints as they are gorgeous. I used to make pictures like this in 8 x 10 black and white and now in digital, for all intents and purposes, with comparable quality. 

Decay is a prevailing theme for me and and is reinforced by the Mutter Museum and Reggio Emilia series from several years ago.

Remember, to see these well view them on a real monitor and click on them to see them larger on your screen.

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